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alaskans's Journal

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This is a community for alaskans and anyone who loves/wants to learn more about Alaska.
Before participating, please be aware of the following, and it is a good idea to read the Admin Posts category in the Community memories

1. As this is the Alaskans community, All posts MUST be related to Alaska or events in Alaska.
2. No flamewars or personal attacks against anyone, please stay civil. Let the moderators do the moderating rather than getting into a flamewar.
3. Absolutely no quiz's or meme's posted. This is an automatic 30 day ban.
4. Posts to Alaskans with comments disabled are not allowed. This is a community for discussions amongst the community members. If you don't want discussion, don't post it.
5. Photos(of Alaska or Alaskan events) are welcome but must be LJ Cut. For more photos of Alaska, we recommend alaskapix
6. If providing an answer to a question about Alaska, answers must be truthful and SPECIFIC and not massively overgeneralized. IE, explaining the seasonal differences and light levels at given times of the year is good, but saying that Alaska is dark 6 or 9 months a year is not acceptable.
7. All posts, comments and userpics must be worksafe.
8. No commercial advertisements, and please refrain from turning Alaskans into the classifieds. For that, we recommend akforsale
9. If you have a comment about a post, please keep it a comment to that post, and not a separate post.
10. Posts announcing new communities are welcome, provided that the new community is related to Alaska in some fashion.

alaskans is moderated by crisavec and crimmycat.

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