Kay (kaysuiko) wrote in alaskans,

Moving to Anchorage!

Hi everyone!

I'm a current Pennsylvanian moving to Anchorage next August with my husband (who is FINALLY graduating with his PhD). We're both really really excited... When my hubs was offered a job, we were given a choice between Anchorage and Houston, TX. Coming from PA, with nice falls and winters, Houston is extremely depressing... So we were super pumped about Alaska!

We've been doing some research, since neither of us have been there yet, but I know you can't really know something until you go! Does anyone have any suggestions for places we need to go or restaurants we need to try? We'll be up some time in the spring for house hunting and want to do as much as we can!

Also, telling people that you're moving to Alaska has been pretty amusing so far... All the outdoorsy, hunters think it sounds really awesome but all the wimpy city people think it sounds awful :P

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