Brando Greenman (midoriotoko) wrote in alaskans,
Brando Greenman

Wipe Them Out - ALL of Them

Some of you Alaskans may already know this:  booted windshield wiper blades are pieces of shit.

They are better than the typical, stock blades but not by much.  As an OCD clean freak of windows, the best things I've found, so far, is the mono blade type wipers.  They aren't rigid and adhere to it's own wiper path but rather hug and couture against the glass.  Why this works better is with booted blades, water/ice can get in the boot and cause rigidty in the blades producing an inconsistent wipe where the tops and/or bottoms of the blades clean but the middle is pure shit.  Since the mono blade (I can't remember just what they are called) is really a solid strip, blade and not much else, it prevents this from happening as well as hugging your glass, giving you a good wipe.

Couple those with de-icing washer fluid and you're pretty squeaky clean, even with a lot of frost.  Of course this isn't going to prevent you from not having to scrape your ice all the times but it helps.  I hope it helps you.

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