Brando Greenman (midoriotoko) wrote in alaskans,
Brando Greenman

Political Musings

I'm not a social beast who roams Alaska's more crowded haunts so I'm not sure how most Alaskan's feel about the more recent political things stirring in the world related to things Sara Palin.  I know for some of you the mention of her name may make you cringe and for others it may make you cheer.

Personally, I like her.  I don't know her personally but outside of politics she seems fairly likable although her nasal pronunciation of Alaska which is uttered every 2 minutes can grate on my nerves.  I liked her show that was on recently and thought it probably does a good job of showing some of the real parts of Alaska outside of ice roads and dangerous catches.  Do I think she's presidential material?  No. 

Honestly, I don't see anyone in the political arena being a good president except perhaps Ron Paul.  As with Paul, I don't think he would be effective since he is more neutral and not so party motivated.

So, what do you feel about Sara Palin?  Also, what do you think about the upcoming presidential candidates (even though most haven't thrown their hats in)?
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