X-Mass in Alaska

So it's been a good few years since I touched upon the LJ thing.
Figured this wouldn't be a bad spot to post up that I am returning home to Alaska for X-Mass this year.
I haven't been back home since July 2007. All my time has been spent living in Portland, Oregon since X-Mass 2006.
It'll be nice to come back to the land of ice and snow :D

Dinner Triton

Cell Coverage in Alaska

Hi everyone! We're moving to Anchorage next summer and I have a few questions...

We both currently have Verizon cell phones. Their website claims they have no coverage in Alaska, but other sources say they have cell coverage but no stores... Is that true? Any successful Verizon users? Or do we need to switch carriers?

Also, what bank does everyone use? Google searches have given me a few leads, but personal recommendations are always nice.

Thanks! :)


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Office Space

Moving to Anchorage!

Hi everyone!

I'm a current Pennsylvanian moving to Anchorage next August with my husband (who is FINALLY graduating with his PhD). We're both really really excited... When my hubs was offered a job, we were given a choice between Anchorage and Houston, TX. Coming from PA, with nice falls and winters, Houston is extremely depressing... So we were super pumped about Alaska!

We've been doing some research, since neither of us have been there yet, but I know you can't really know something until you go! Does anyone have any suggestions for places we need to go or restaurants we need to try? We'll be up some time in the spring for house hunting and want to do as much as we can!

Also, telling people that you're moving to Alaska has been pretty amusing so far... All the outdoorsy, hunters think it sounds really awesome but all the wimpy city people think it sounds awful :P

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God's Humor

(no subject)

Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue will be having two adoption clinics this Saturday- one in Anchorage at the Pet Zoo off of Dimond, and another at our office in Palmer.
We have a whole bunch of great dogs looking for their forever homes!

For more info, or to get directions, call (907) 745-7030 or check out our website.
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So, gas is back up to $4 a gallon in Homer. Instead of getting mad about it (which seems a silly thing to do considering how little I can effect the problem) I came up with an idea. What if, instead of taxes, we had the oil guys build us an Alaska-use-only refinery? It seems silly to pay so much for what gets pulled out of our back yards.

Wipe Them Out - ALL of Them

Some of you Alaskans may already know this:  booted windshield wiper blades are pieces of shit.

They are better than the typical, stock blades but not by much.  As an OCD clean freak of windows, the best things I've found, so far, is the mono blade type wipers.  They aren't rigid and adhere to it's own wiper path but rather hug and couture against the glass.  Why this works better is with booted blades, water/ice can get in the boot and cause rigidty in the blades producing an inconsistent wipe where the tops and/or bottoms of the blades clean but the middle is pure shit.  Since the mono blade (I can't remember just what they are called) is really a solid strip, blade and not much else, it prevents this from happening as well as hugging your glass, giving you a good wipe.

Couple those with de-icing washer fluid and you're pretty squeaky clean, even with a lot of frost.  Of course this isn't going to prevent you from not having to scrape your ice all the times but it helps.  I hope it helps you.

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Political Musings

I'm not a social beast who roams Alaska's more crowded haunts so I'm not sure how most Alaskan's feel about the more recent political things stirring in the world related to things Sara Palin.  I know for some of you the mention of her name may make you cringe and for others it may make you cheer.

Personally, I like her.  I don't know her personally but outside of politics she seems fairly likable although her nasal pronunciation of Alaska which is uttered every 2 minutes can grate on my nerves.  I liked her show that was on recently and thought it probably does a good job of showing some of the real parts of Alaska outside of ice roads and dangerous catches.  Do I think she's presidential material?  No. 

Honestly, I don't see anyone in the political arena being a good president except perhaps Ron Paul.  As with Paul, I don't think he would be effective since he is more neutral and not so party motivated.

So, what do you feel about Sara Palin?  Also, what do you think about the upcoming presidential candidates (even though most haven't thrown their hats in)?